Frequently Asked Questions

When will my items arrive?

Tracking is provided via USPS after your order is confirmed and I initiate shipment. You should be able to check your tracking using the confirmation email that will arrive shortly after your order is placed. Generally, it takes anywhere from one to three weeks for your items to arrive, but it usually seems to take about two weeks.

I only received half of my order! Where are the other items?

In order to expedite shipping and get you your items as soon as possible, your products may not all arrive at the same time. Check to see if you have another tracking number associated with the missing product(s). Chances are, they're still on the way.

I changed my mind! Can I return this item?

Nope. Sorry. The items must be either defective or damaged in order for you to receive a refund, and this must be confirmed by me prior to the refund being granted.

Why is your return policy so strict?

Unfortunately, although most people are honest, there are still a lot of scammers out there. These people take advantage of lenient return policies to profit at the expense of honest consumers and sellers. My return policy is designed to deter these scammers (let's call them what they really are: thieves!) while still allowing customers who have legitimately received defective merchandise to receive a refund or a replacement. I do my best to find products of high quality to minimize the likelihood of received a defective product.

Is my checkout secure?

As secure as anything is! My shop is hosted by Shopify, which uses a secure browser and offers payment through major credit cards and PayPal. They do all they can to protect your data and your cards. I never have access to your information. Everything is run through these secure, well-known, and trusted services.

Are you obsessed with <owls/foxes/deer...>?

Uh... maybe? I like to choose a theme animal for a month or a season and promote items featuring that animal just for a limited time. I try to change my stock regularly, so jump on those promoted and discounted items, because they may disappear at the end of the promotion!

Still have a question? Email me at!

As more questions are repeated, I will expand this section. Thank you for taking the time to find the answers to your questions here before sending an email!