About Me

Hello, friends. My name is Allison, but I'm often called "Thistles." The "Clover" in the name of my shop comes from my best friend: a cat I adopted when I was a child. Clover passed away several years ago, but she saw me through the toughest years of my life. Here is an ancient, water-splashed picture that I had to scan in of the two of us when I was in my early teens.

Clover, you beautiful girl, thank you for more than I could ever hope to express.

Every gal likes to look good, but not all of us want or can afford to spend a huge part of our income on accessories. The good news is that we don't have to!

I have created this shop in order to share amazing and affordable items that I personally love. My preferred aesthetic is nature-inspired, heavy on flora and fauna, and usually casual. If you like hippy, gypsy, boho or just cute and casual accessories, I think you will enjoy the items I have sourced for my shop. Think of me as your personal shopper, minus the huge price tag!

Every item on here is one I would, and often have, worn myself. I strive to find products of high quality and unusual appearance, which will make you stand out and earn the admiration and envy of everyone who sees you.