Eyes on Owls!

Allison A

This autumn, I'm finding a lot of amazing owl-themed accessories. Whether you're a Potterhead, a Pagan, or just a lady who appreciates a powerful predator with beautiful plumage and an intense gaze, owls are a lovely source of inspiration and worthy of our admiration. Known for being wise, mysterious and elusive, owls have been revered since antiquity. Once the symbol of the goddess Athena, now owls are more associated with Harry Potter's companion, Hedwig. With Hallowe'en approaching, they're also just the right amount of spooky!

For a limited time, I will be increasing the number of owl-themed items in the shop and offering discounts on these products. If you see a big-eyed bird you just have to have in your life, act now! I will be discontinuing many of these after this promotional period.


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